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Alexander Baron von Engelhard


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Engelhardt, Alexander Baron von
The Legal Guide for Living in Germany

Berlin 2003, 132 Seiten, € 14,80; ISBN: 978-3-89998-012-7

Über das Buch:
This book puts in a nutshell what foreigners need to know as a first orientation what his or her rights and duties for everyday life are. It aims to help living in or coming to Germany.
The many questions asked by my foreign friends and acquaintances were a major inspiration in writing this book. My book aims at answering the general questions of foreigners. I am not trying to reach attorney colleagues but the layman in law. This manual is assigned to help especially those foreigners whocome from outside the EU. The general situation of EU member citizens will only be generally exploited.
The Legal Guide covers all important topics like:
Working with German Law
Entry and Residence
Traffic and Driving
Labor Law, Working Permits
Torts, Personal Injury, Malicious Damages
Family Relations
German Citizenship, Dual or Multiple Citizenship
Time Limits and the Law
EU Citizens
Freedom of Movement
Freedom of Establishment
Freedom to Provide Services
Lawyers, Courts, Public Notaries, and their Payment

Das sagen die anderen:

“The Legal guide… is a valuable resource rich in information, resources and guidelines for understanding and settling into life in Germany legally. It is a small investment to make to gain an understanding that most foreigners coming to Germany never fully grasp.”

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