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Nike-Ann Schröder
Discussing Psychotrauma with Tibetan Healing Experts: a Cultural Translation

Berliner Beiträge zur Ethnologie, [ISSN 1610-6768], Bd. 24
Berlin, Mai 2011, 174 Seiten, € 28,90; ISBN 978-3-89998-194-0

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about the book:
This book brings the Western concepts of Psychological Trauma and Post Traumatic Stress Disorder into dialogue with healing notions of Tibetan and Ladakhi healing experts living in Ladakh, North India. A methodology for operationalizing the Western concepts for cross-cultural research is presented as well as its application in research.

The focus of this work lies on the diversity of Tibetan and Ladakhi meaning patterns or socio-cultural key concepts and the way they relate to experience, health and illness issues as within the Western concepts of Psychological Trauma and PTSD.

In cooperation with various healing experts from Tibet and Ladakh the author undertakes a cultural translation: this book provides an account of how different Tibetan healing-approaches correspond to or diverge from the Western concepts of Psychological Trauma and PTSD.

about the author:
Nike-Ann Schröder, M. A. in Tibetology and Educational Studies, currently is a Ph.D. candidate at the South Asia Institute and member of the Cluster of Excellence 'Asia and Europe in a Global Context' at the University of Heidelberg. She carries out research on living conditions, stress factors and coping strategies in a Tibetan Refugee Camp in India and gcod, a Tibetan Buddhist meditation practice and healing ritual.