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Eike M. Winkler

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Editor Eike M. Winckler, Atty.
Optimizing International Business Cooperations
Vol. 1: Understanding Business in Germany

Berlin 2003, 279 pages, € 44,50; ISBN 978-3-934479-51-7

Eike Winckler is a successful editor of several books with leading publishers and a significant representation of authors.
His aim is to establish a standardized work by internationally recognized authors, covering all aspects of international business cooperation. The book will be integrated with the internet providing the German as well as foreign entrepreneur with essential and up-to-date assistance. It could easily be implemented as a college textbook.

The book will provide necessary information for a company dealing with the peculiarities of the German market.

More than 15 internationally experienced authors cover the following subjects:

" Law
" Market
" Finance
" Fostering Cooperation
" Risk Management
" Organizations

Chapters are supplemented by:

" Checklists
" Comprehensive and stimulating topics for discussions
" Resources; Reference literature
" Contact addresses for individual consultation

Translated excerpts of reviews of the German edition:

DSWR 6/2002: “In summary it should be said that the authors have succeded in putting together an information package of exceptional quality ... profitable reading is guaranteed for all.”

Dr. Werner Müller, former Federal Minister for Economics and Technology: “This book represents another source of advice for companies, ...”

AHK Italy, 7-9/2002: “More than 20 experienced experts explain how to avoid potential pitfalls ...”

BGA Federation of German Wholesale and Foreign Trade: “This book, with its extensive checklists, quizzes as well as listings of additional literature ... is also useable as a unversity textbook ...”

VR Info Wirtschaftsbericht (Volks- und Raiffeisenbanken) 7/2002: “Book of the month! ..”

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